Choir Members


First Tenor Section

Gordon Atkinson
Terry Goodman
John Ranger
Bob Smith
Reto Von Steiger
Howard Westcott
Fred Mackay
Michael Bulleid
Keith Littlewood
Gareth Pugh

Second Tenor Section

Ron Davis
Roy Thornton
Keith Livesey
Peter Tomlin
Stan Staines
John Tatler
Ralph Eastwood
Chris Balfour
Vernon Pearce
Vincent Davies
Phillip McAdam
Gareth Jones

First Bass Section (Baritones)

Alun Price
Terry Setford
Ian Colley
Chris Potter
Ray Wood
Merv Spencer
Mike Evans
Frank Corbett
Andy Lawrenson
John Dowdle
John Power
Jeff Thomas
Tony Sim

Second Bass Section

Peter Couch
Chris Threlfall
Brendan Murphy
Brian Norbury
Phillip Day
Keith Graves
Declan Smith
John-Henry Ballantyne
John Saunders
Roy Brown

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