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blank ATM

by Anonymous 23 Mar 2017 22:21


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Blank atm card

by Anonymous 11 Jan 2017 08:13

Jason miles

by Anonymous 15 Dec 2016 20:16

Concert With The Basingstoke Ladies Choir

by Anonymous 15 May 2016 18:41

This evening I was very privileged to be present at yet another wonderful concert from the CBMVC, but this time they had the Basingstoke Ladies as well, and goodness what a treat the evening was. The choirs sang beautifully on their own, and then joined together to give us some amazing music. Of course I enoyed all the singing but I do have my favourites, and they were all sung this evening. I confess I was a little disappointed that there were no CD's on sale, but perhaps I can catch up with Mike Evans and get the latest one. Congratulations to everyone involved for a wonderful evening, what's that you say, it clashed with Eurovision? Not in our house it didn't!

Ann Colclough

English Choi Visit Costa Blanca

by Anonymous 10 May 2016 17:32

The Basingstoke Ladies Choir are counting down the hours for our visit to Spain. Final rehearsal under our belts and raring to go. La viva espana!
Susan Booth

Alfaz Concert

by Anonymous 26 May 2014 22:04

"Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your wonderful choir. Their performance last night was exceptional and as I sat in the audience with the other choirs I could hear their comments and I can tell you that everyone was impressed. May you go from strength to strength.
Sr. Rubio was looking for balance, quality and variety in the programme and without doubt that was achieved with your contribution." Comment from organiser.

Recordings of your Music

by Anonymous 03 May 2014 16:23

Hi we greatly enjoy your concerts when we get chance to hear you.
In recent times Christmas and Easter at Benitachell Church and the 4 Choirs in Teulada.
Have picked up some isolated youtube videos of odd songs but when are you going to record some of your great numbers properly. Particularly enjoy Senzenina with Clair's contribution.
Be great to get you music online or even buy CDs from you!

Hope to hear you all again soon.

Free sacred choral music

by Anonymous 08 Sep 2013 00:51

Concert 6th July

by Anonymous 06 Jul 2013 19:46

What an amazing evening of music and song you all provided, I especially loved the African song, wonderful.
Your voices blended perfectly with the Bennissica Chorale, and when you all sang together it was uplifting.
Have a wonderful summer, and thank you for giving us such happy memories to take through til September, especially with the knowledge that your singing will benefit us and the Red Cross!
Ann Colclough
President Teulada Moraira Lions Club

Teluada concert with Cwmbach MVC

by Anonymous 29 May 2013 08:42

First time I have attended a performance of the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir and was very impressed with both choirs. A very wide selection of music and beautifully arranged. Will definitely attend more concerts in the future.
Sylvia H. - Thank you Sylvia, glad you enjoyed it! President CBMVC

Carol Concert Benitachell

by tikievanstikievans 16 Dec 2012 14:26

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Christmas carols last night at Benitachell church. What a lovely setting and you all sang beautifully and as for Claire Post, what an amazing voice!

I thought it was wonderful. Definitely put us in the Christmas spirit!

I have told my daughter that you sang the Lion King – that has to be cool!

Merry Christmas!


That was very helpful thank you very much

by Anonymous 13 Dec 2012 23:50

Thank you very much for the information on the future events page it was very helpful.I am a great fan of the choir.

yours sincerely,

MO Johnson


by Anonymous 12 Jul 2012 19:02

Today, it was my pleasure to meet Wesley, Brendan, Howard, Lorraine and Elaine at the Children's home in Elche (Baix Vinalopo). This meeting cam about as a result of contact being made with me by Wes Elton, who saw an advert which I had placed asking for musical instruments to be donated for me to teach the children. Wes kindly offered to purchase ‘new’ instruments from the choir funds and over several weeks Wes and I maintained contact and during this Wes asked for a list of our requirements. I wrote this list feeling somewhat like a child does at Christmas. Then, to my surprise, I was informed that ALL of the items on the list would be purchased by the choir. I then felt as excited as a child does at Christmas.

The meeting today was the official presentation of the instruments and other items to the Director of the home, Sara Garcia, who has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks to everyone concerned in raising the money and purchasing these wonderful gifts. I can only add that to see these children opening something which no one else has touched was a wonderful moment because everything that they get is, at least, second hand. I also want to add my utmost gratitude for making my future lessons so much more enjoyable, and extremely noisy.

Thank you to everyone at the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir.

Cris Jonson.

What a great evening!

by Anonymous 30 Jun 2012 20:13

Teulada on 29th of June.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, from the start with the choir's dramatic entrance from the back of the theatre. The harmony seemed better than I recall with tremendous enthusiasm evident…..more confidence now to really work with the songs as everyone is released from using books.
A lot of hard work, but worth it. Also having Kirsty on keyboard has clearly released Heather to fully focus on what she wants from the choir. So much improved…..all were able to watch her carefully and follow her dynamnic direction. Above all it was really uplifting to see the passion that came through in Anthem. …..And then it was terrific….like kids let out of kindergarten, to see the boys launching into the Jolly Roger….great fun and good to see. Well done everyone, and of course the lovely Fish Rock choir!
Well done to all concerned.

Greetings from the Sunshine State

by Anonymous 03 Nov 2011 13:02

Hola!! Just to say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching/listening to the video posted of your rendition of the anthem from Chess. I am pleased to hear you all still sounding strong and in such lovely harmony. I look forward to my next trip to Spain when I hope to get to see another concert performance. Best wishes, Caron Waddington

Great evening

by Anonymous 20 Oct 2011 22:25

REally enjoyed the concern on 14th October.. The Maesteg choir were great and very professional…….and our own Costa Blanca choir stood up very well. I recorded the concert for Brian Norbury and enjoyed the replay last weekend I think you have gone from strength to strength…..with new songs and some of the old. Thanks for a great time.

Elaine Ball

Concert 14th October

by tikievanstikievans 19 Oct 2011 21:33

I want to express my deepest admiration and respect for your concert of last friday. Your choir and the Maesteg Gleemen MVC made it for me and my wife (and I think all the other people) a wonderfull night. Our MD always says that holding music in your hands is distracting and after seeing you a year ago holding it and now without, how right he is. You became so much more involved in the music, it was remarkable. Again, many thanks for a wonderful night.

Fred Wijk
PR Sounds Familiar

Live Music Event - Laude Lady Elizabeth Junior School

by Anonymous 25 Mar 2011 11:42

On behalf of the children and staff of The Laude Lady Elizabeth Junior School in Benitachell, I would like to thank the Costa Blance Male Voice Choir for their contribution to our Live Music Event on Wednesday 23rd March 2011. The choir sang beautifully, with such control of dynamics and harmonies. The children were amazed by the sound of so many voices and many of the older boys in particular were impressed by the choir. The event has done what I hoped it would do - inspire the children to participate in music themselves. Thank you again for giving of your time and effort to make it such a special event.
Rosemarie Butson

Jalon Carol Concert

by tikievanstikievans 18 Dec 2010 15:29

I would like to say how much I enjoyed your concert last night in Jalon. It was a pleasure to hear such a variety of music so well sung, with precision and change of dynamics.

Rosemarie Butson


by Anonymous 30 Jun 2010 13:09

The stage presentation of a group of lads booted and spurrred looking as though they had just stepped out of Burton´s shop window. They all looked so smart in those blazers and bow ties.

The choral presentation was equally impressive. The programme chosen by your Musical Director was well balanced covering a wide range of musical tastes. The musical arrangments were also well thought out and made a lot of the numbers sound brand new.

The tenor section, I always maintain as being the support of any good choir, sang beautifully with confidence and enthusiasm. Equally the base section more than held their own.

I must single out for comment, the gentleman who looked remarkably like the late Wilfred Hyde Whyte. The same cheeky mischevious eyes! Well done!

We congratulate the Musical Director, Accompanist and the thirty odd talented singers. We hope to be invited again for Christmas and 2011.

Will you please convey our thanks and appreciation to Music Director and the boys of the choir, for all the hard work that obviously gone before the night.

Kindest regards Keith and Lea Oliver

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