The stage presentation of a group of lads booted and spurrred looking as though they had just stepped out of Burton┬┤s shop window. They all looked so smart in those blazers and bow ties.

The choral presentation was equally impressive. The programme chosen by your Musical Director was well balanced covering a wide range of musical tastes. The musical arrangments were also well thought out and made a lot of the numbers sound brand new.

The tenor section, I always maintain as being the support of any good choir, sang beautifully with confidence and enthusiasm. Equally the base section more than held their own.

I must single out for comment, the gentleman who looked remarkably like the late Wilfred Hyde Whyte. The same cheeky mischevious eyes! Well done!

We congratulate the Musical Director, Accompanist and the thirty odd talented singers. We hope to be invited again for Christmas and 2011.

Will you please convey our thanks and appreciation to Music Director and the boys of the choir, for all the hard work that obviously gone before the night.

Kindest regards Keith and Lea Oliver

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