Today, it was my pleasure to meet Wesley, Brendan, Howard, Lorraine and Elaine at the Children's home in Elche (Baix Vinalopo). This meeting cam about as a result of contact being made with me by Wes Elton, who saw an advert which I had placed asking for musical instruments to be donated for me to teach the children. Wes kindly offered to purchase ‘new’ instruments from the choir funds and over several weeks Wes and I maintained contact and during this Wes asked for a list of our requirements. I wrote this list feeling somewhat like a child does at Christmas. Then, to my surprise, I was informed that ALL of the items on the list would be purchased by the choir. I then felt as excited as a child does at Christmas.

The meeting today was the official presentation of the instruments and other items to the Director of the home, Sara Garcia, who has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks to everyone concerned in raising the money and purchasing these wonderful gifts. I can only add that to see these children opening something which no one else has touched was a wonderful moment because everything that they get is, at least, second hand. I also want to add my utmost gratitude for making my future lessons so much more enjoyable, and extremely noisy.

Thank you to everyone at the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir.

Cris Jonson.

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