What a great evening!

Teulada on 29th of June.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, from the start with the choir's dramatic entrance from the back of the theatre. The harmony seemed better than I recall with tremendous enthusiasm evident…..more confidence now to really work with the songs as everyone is released from using books.
A lot of hard work, but worth it. Also having Kirsty on keyboard has clearly released Heather to fully focus on what she wants from the choir. So much improved…..all were able to watch her carefully and follow her dynamnic direction. Above all it was really uplifting to see the passion that came through in Anthem. …..And then it was terrific….like kids let out of kindergarten, to see the boys launching into the Jolly Roger….great fun and good to see. Well done everyone, and of course the lovely Fish Rock choir!
Well done to all concerned.

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